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Matt & Lauren 2008Welcome to Jeff Woodall Photography. I'm a wedding, portrait and events photographer based in Sussex in the South East. Whether you are after contemporary modern reportage wedding photography or more formal, classic wedding photographs, I can be flexible to suit your needs. One thing I aim for is to produce stunning photographs for you to have and to keep for years to come.

I have always been a keen photographer as a hobby as far back as I can remember, but back in 2007 I consolidated with a City & Guilds photography qualification and various portrait and wedding workshops to extend my technical knowledge and expertise. At the same time I went out on shoots with two friends who are established wedding and portrait photographers. That helped me to decide that I wanted to become a full time professional photographer.

After a considerable investment in photography and lighting equipment, computer hardware and software, advertising, a website and now several commissions later - the rest is history. However I am still constantly developing the skill and experimenting with new techniques and effects, as the possibilities seem limitless.

Please explore  the 'galleries' section to check out a selection of some of my favourite images from weddings, portrait sessions and events I have covered. The 'private galleries' are password protected to provide client privacy and they remain live for clients to access at any time in the future, from wherever they or their family happen to be. If they so wish, clients can choose for their galleries to be password free.


Relaxed & Unassuming

How do we operate? Whether it be a portrait or wedding scenario, we do everything possible to simply appear incidental. As far as possible (apart from formal group shots) we just interact, chat, laugh with you, rather than be the all controlling focus of your attention and at the end of the shoot I will have 'happened' to have taken several natural images to reflect your true personality.

I tend to work exclusively with my wife Sue as a team. She will help me with posing ideas, artistic props etc and of course, being a people person, she gets to know you. We have had so many kind comments about our relaxed and yet professional approach, that I think we have found the perfect balance to not only get the best results possible, but to actually enhance your experience too.   


Wedding Package Information

If you are interested in discussing the coverage of a forthcoming wedding, please feel free to phone or leave a message using the contact page and I'll send you some information. Professional photography is a competitive business but largely unregulated. An eye catching "Special low cost wedding photography" advert can be tempting, but the old adage has never been more true - you really do get what you pay for. I don't pretend to be a budget photographer, but I do give real value for money. Like for like, I probably include much more within one of my photo packages than most.

Naturally, one of the first questions people tend to ask is "how much do you charge for wedding photography." This is not an easy one to answer, because it really depends on what you want to have at the end of the day. No it really isn't all about the photographs, its about you, but if you don't have high quality images easily to hand to show your relatives and friends from time to time (or just to get out and reflect on during a quiet moment), how are you going to evoke those cherished memories and bring back the emotions of that very special day?

The expense of a wedding venue these days can be quite daunting, together with the dress, the rings, the honeymoon etc, but one of the few tangible things you are left with afterwards are the photographs, and yet all so often the photography becomes one of those after-thoughts that understandably people then try to economise on. The actual cost of a quality wedding photography package can be a bit of a shock, especially if left to the last minute , but believe me when you look at the care and time involved in the process, it is well earned.

The coverage of a wedding might take somewhere between 4 and 10 hours on the day. The post production workflow involved in processing those digital images is time consuming and will typically take me at least 20 hours or so the following week before I am happy with the final product. One thing I am is a perfectionist, so I do not batch process everything, rather I look at individual images and assess the very best way for each image to be presented. I will combine the tasteful use of colour, black & white, the subtle 'colour popping' of a black & white image and various other effects to enhance the artistic presentation of the overall collection.

I design my own digital photo book albums, before they are sent to a professional lab to be printed and hand bound over the following 28 days. When these stunning books are proudly presented to my clients, usually on return from honeymoon, their eyes light up because they know they have a very special keepsake to remind them. This matters to me and so I always recommend a photobook to treasure, rather than simply be left with a disc of jpeg files - your day is worth more than that. 


Photo Package Pricing

My package pricing is worked out by combining my time (during the actual day and subsequently during post production) and the design and supply of the chosen options (photobooks, DVD's, canvases etc). 

I insist of giving real value for money and many of my (serious) competitors charge substantially more, but I do my best to keep pricing realistic.

So if you want a detailed quote, please get in touch and I'll let you have all the information you need. I'll need to know timings, venues and what your expectations are. By far the best way is to meet so that I can show you samples of what we can offer and really establish your preferences. I do not do a 'hard sell' that I promise you, but you are left with lots of information and something to compare with, as you inevitably shop around. I then leave you to contact me, I will not contact you.

I hope this information helps you in your search for your photographer. Whoever you ultimately do decide to use to cover your wedding, a simple step like ensuring your prospective photographer is qualified and covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance can prevent heartbreaking disappointment, so don't be afraid to ask. There seems to be an increasing number of people out there buying themselves digital cameras and calling themselves photographers, so protect yourself by doing the research. At the very least they should have a reasonable portfolio accessible within their website. 

Thanks for visiting the site, which gets updated from time to time, so please do come back.

"I hope you enjoy and become a frequent visitor. Best wishes,  Jeff."